AUA Summit - How to Give

Giving Level Information

Learn about the various AUAPAC giving levels and membership benefits for active urologists and residents/fellows.

How to Give

Full instructions on how to donate to AUAPAC are included in the attached form.

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AUAPAC is a "separate segregated" fund (SSF) established by the American Urological Association, Inc. Contributions to AUAPAC, which is a multicandidate committee, are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal Income Tax purposes. Further, contributions by one person in the name of another person are prohibited. PAC contributions are also not reimbursable by an employer or any other entity. The FEC requires that certain information on each donor (who contributes $200 or more per year) such as the donor's name, address, occupation, and employer's name be collected and reported to the Commission. By contributing to AUAPAC you affirm that you: are a US citizen or an individual lawfully admitted with permanent resident status; that your contribution is made from your own personal funds and not from corporate, foreign national, or labor union funds; that you will not receive reimbursement by anyone for this contribution, and that your contributions to AUAPAC will not aggregate in excess of $5,000 per calendar year. Contributions are voluntary and you have a right to refuse to contribute without reprisal.